Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Benefits of Cold Showers

I first became intrigued by what benefits could result from showering in cold water when I read Memoirs of a Showgirl by Shay Stafford. In the book, she talks about how, during her time at the Moulin Rouge, there was one dancer who the other dancers would avoid showering next to after shows. This wasn't because this dancer had freaky toes, or because she stunk, but because they were afraid of getting splashed by her freezing cold water shower whilst trying to enjoy their warm one. Apparently her reasoning behind only ever bathing in cold water is because it is supposed to keep your boobs extra perky (I don't know if this is true or not, but I do know that, in the book, Shay states that this particular dancer had some of the perkiest boobs she had ever seen!).

Then, there is the Swedish (and other Northern regions) that take part in ice/winter swimming, where they go for a dip, or a swim, in a hole formed in the ice of a frozen lake. Those who take part in winter swimming, reportedly, have increased energy and immune systems, better moods, improved memory and less stress. (For more info you can have a look here)

Finally, cold water showers can activate our metabolism by causing adaptations to our brown adipose tissue (adipose tissue is a fancy name for fat). This means that cold showering may also boost our metabolism and help us lose weight! (for more info look here, here and here)

I have to admit that I enjoy a nice, warm shower so, rather than going all out and having cold showers, I turn off the hot tap and spend the last 5 seconds of my shower under cold water - I may get a bit more brave in the summer, when the weather starts to warm up.

I came across these old blokes in Beijing - I know the water looks very inviting but I can assure you it was frozen solid behind where I was standing and just past that bridge in the background.

This is provided purely as information, not medical advice - if you are unwell, please seek assistance from your healthcare professional.

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