Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas Wish List 2014

Christmas is almost here, so I wanted to share my Christmas wish list to give you a bit of inspiration on what you can get your loved ones (or request for yourself!)

1. A good quality food processor

I have so many recipes that I want to try but many of them require a food processor (I have already informed Mum that this is what she should get me this year hehe)
Myer has a pretty good selection, with a few on sale too!

2. Natural nail polish by Kester Black

I never even knew natural, vegan, Australian made nail polish existed until The College of Natural Beauty's Natural Beauty Week a few weeks ago. But since I am trying to update my beauty collection to eventually contain only natural products, I think this will go under my tree nicely.
I generally only wear traditional nail colours, so I'd either want the pink or red.
P.S. While you're checking out their site, you must look at their inspiration page - so fun!

3. A subscription to FMTV

Dylan already treated me to this one last week hehe (YAY for great husbands!) but I still wanted to share it. It's an online channel, I guess you'd call it, where you have access to heaps of health related documentaries and recipes, etc. I am halfway through watching Simply Raw at the moment, and it is blowing me away!

4. A potted orchid flower

To go in my bathroom, because they are pretty and I like indoor plants - they make me feel like my house air is a bit cleaner

5. Bang Bang on DVD

I love Bollywood, and action movies, and this movie was no exception.

6. A Goodness Me Box

Get a monthly delivery of natural goodies sent straight to your mail box? Yes please!

What do you want Santa to bring you this year?

P.S. Take some time out in this crazy, wonderful season to remember the real reason behind it - to celebrate our Saviour's birth!

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