Friday, 14 November 2014

How to Shed Water Weight

Been following my tips on how to speed up your metabolism and you're still feeling a bit bloated? You could have a bit too much water weight...

Here are a few quick ideas on how to drop it:

1. Dandelion or nettle leaf tea
These are both diuretic herbs, meaning it helps your body get rid of excess water (i.e. it makes you wee)

2. Reduce your salt intake
A high salt diet encourages your body to retain water. Do you really need to add salt to every meal?

3. Don't stop drinking water
Just because you've got 'water-weight' does not mean you're drinking too much water. In fact, in some people, it may be the opposite! Sometimes when we are not putting enough of something into our body, it does everything it can to hold onto every little bit of it, which may present as easy weight-gain/difficulty losing weight in someone who isn't eating enough, or water retention in someone not drinking enough water. Remember to aim for about 2 litres a day.

4. Move your body, gently
Sometimes fluid can accumulate when we aren't allowing it to flow properly around our body. This happens particularly around our feet, ankles and hands. They key to getting the fluid moving is gentle exercise - think walking, swimming and stretches. Dry body brushing can help too.

This is provided purely as information, not medical advice - if you are unwell, please seek assistance from your healthcare professional.

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