Monday, 5 January 2015

How To Recover From a Holiday

Spinning in the park
This Christmas Dylan and I went to Melbourne - check out our video here

Since travelling can take its toll on our health - whether it's from strange foods or plane air-con - we may need to give our bodies a little helping hand to get back to full health once we are home. Here are some of my tips for looking after yourself before/during/after a holiday.

1. Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo has circulation boosting properties, which is great for those of us that get cold hands and feet! So if that's you, especially if you are heading somewhere cold, you may want to consider taking them to help warm up your fingers and toes.
Ginkgo is also an antioxidant, and has been researched for its ability to reduce damage caused by radiation, so it's great if you are concerned about the radiation from airports and planes.
I take one or two capsules a day, for the few days leading up to a flight, and then again everyday for about a week when I get home again. Be sure to check the cautions though! Remember, herbs can interact with medications.
(Since taking this daily, Dylan has turned into a remembering-machine - so it'll also be a great memory booster)

2. Headstands
I do a headstand pretty much everyday - especially if I am starting to get a foggy head while studying. It helps to get your blood circulating and is fun.
This is particularly good if flying gives you swelling in your legs/feet .
This is my post-flight headstand when we arrived (I don't know how people can do them with their forearms on the ground - I don't have the strength or the balance for that, yet!) 

3. Go for a walk
You have been sitting in a car/plane/train/etc. for hours, give your muscles a bit of a stretch, and again, boost your circulation. This is also an awesome way to get your bearings when you arrive in a new destination

These are a couple of shots from our Christmas night walk - just after we landed -we saw possums and bats too but I couldn't get a good shot of any of them

4. Probiotics
Different places have different bugs and food that can affect our digestion. Help restore your gut function by getting a bottle of probiotics and taking one or two a day, as directed, until the bottle is finished.

5. Book another holiday
Have you ever felt a little depressed when you got back from a holiday because now it's as though you have nothing left to look forward to? Give yourself something to look forward to.
We haven't booked anything yet but we have a few ideas, and we are thinking of going on a camping trip on one of the long weekends coming up.

How do you recover from or prepare for holidays?

This is provided purely as information, not medical advice - if you are unwell, please seek assistance from your healthcare professional.

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