Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Cabbage - Why Is It Good For Us?

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Cabbage is one of those super under-appreciated veggies (except with the older folk), which is a little sad because it has so many uses and benefits!

1. Cabbage juice contains glutamine, which has anti-inflammatory actions and also supports the cells of the stomach, making it very supportive if you have stomach ulcers

2. The fresh leaves/layers can be placed over swollen, tender breasts (especially helpful for breastfeeding ladies!) to reduce inflammation

3. Cabbage was used in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome as a hangover cure, and they also ate it before a big-night out to reduce the chances of hangover

4. High in fibre, cabbage supports colon health

5. Also high in vitamin C, cabbage can improve your immune system and skin health

Most people would use a juicer to make cabbage juice, but I don't have one so I decided to try boiling some cabbage and drinking the "juice" - I was really nervous because for some reason I imagined it to be gross but it was actually kind of sweet (I forgot to take a photo - sorry)

This is provided purely as information, not medical advice - if you are unwell, please seek assistance from your healthcare professional

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