Saturday, 4 June 2016

I Guess That Makes Me A Health Professional!

So this week I had my final student clinic session and today I submitted my final ever assessment for my Bachelor degree, making me the first person in my WHOLE family to ever get a degree!

This marks a new direction for me as I have only ever been a student - since I was 4 years old in kindy! So, to think of a life with no homework, exams or assessments is exciting but also a little scary. Even more so because I got a job and start next week so there isn't much processing time... #havemortgage #willtravel

Aside from obviously the course content that I learnt throughout my degree, here are a couple of things I discovered during my uni experience:

1. Uni is mainly about teaching you how to research.
It is actually the main reason we get assignments. Content is constantly changing and there are often false or misleading claims put out there, so you need to be able to locate good quality research to really understand things and to come to your own conclusions, and of course to keep up to date. It is all well and good learning info during a course but you need to be able to keep up with all the new information out there, you can't just keep preaching the same old message, even if that message has been discredited or modified (*cough* saturated fats and cholesterol...)

2. Graduating is a bit anti-climatic.
I have been looking forward to graduating all year, yet on my final day it just felt like a normal, busy day in the clinic. I bought some cakes in to help encourage my celebratory spirit - they helped a bit but there was certainly no fireworks and people jumping out yelling, "Congratulations!" (Yes, for some reason this is what I had visioned in my mind. Perhaps my expectations were too high?) I have received many beautiful messages of congratulations from my dear friends though, and was met at the end of my final clinic by my man and my girl.
Nevertheless it is still a nice feeling knowing that I have come to the end and have achieved my goals. Now to create some new ones!

Congrats to all my fellow Endeavour graduates! We really are the #futureofwellness

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